These Witcher 3 mods make Yennefer and Triss look like their Netflix actors

(Image credit: Bububull)

The Witcher season 2 is going back into production soon, but with delays from COVID-19 it feels like it's going to be a long wait for the show to return to Netflix. Modders, meanwhile, are putting the Netflix cast back to work before the show itself resumes. A new mod released this week, Netflix Triss Merigold, remodels The Witcher 3's Triss after actor Anna Shaffer. It's a surprisingly good likeness for a mod.

Shaffer looks quite different from CD Projekt Red's interpretation of Triss, which was apparently a small controversy when the show came out. You can see some of that whining echoed in the mod's comments, but there's also praise. "I think this is the best face texture mod I've ever seen for this game, absolutely amazing," wrote one user.

(Image credit: Bububull)

Earlier this year, other modders replaced Yennefer's face model with the likeness of actor Anya Chalotra. This retexture, which builds on another mod, does a particularly good job. That's the Netflix show's Yen, alright.

Of course there are also multiple Henry Cavill mods for The Witcher 3. If you're going to swap out Yen or Triss, it just makes sense to go for the whole trio. Earlier this year, James walked us through how to make the perfect Henry with a collection of mods. Although we might need an update now to make sure Henry-as-Geralt is properly grimy, since Cavill apparently spent a lot of time on set intentionally getting his outfits covered in mud.

The wait for season 2 of the Netflix series has me contemplating another playthrough to explore every inch of Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine. I haven't decided yet whether I'll be doing it with guns.

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