Winners of Guild Wars 2's video contest revealed

moustache men

ArenaNet announced their two picks for grand prize winners in their "Become a Guild Wars 2 Ambassador" contest this morning, and they are awesome. The winners will be flown out to ArenaNet's Seattle-based development studio to meet the dev team and, more importantly, spend the entire day playing Guild Wars 2 with them. Watch both of the winning videos inside [WARNING: ROGUE MUSTACHES] to see why they easily earned their reward.

Contestants were tasked with making a 1-minute video designed to convince people to play Guild Wars 2 at launch. As Guild Wars 2 has what is probably the most rabid fan base I've ever seen, it's no surprise that ArenaNet received almost 500 submissions (enough video for more than 4 full-length feature films).

The two grand prize winners are:

Icelandic Viking by Leo from Iceland

News Report by Dan from the USA

See the full list of winners and more details on ArenaNet's official blog .