Wing Commander and Dungeon Keeper 2 head up new EA re-releases from Good Old Games

Wing Commander

Good Old Games is launching a new series of games from EA's archives, starting with one of the greatest space combat games of all time, and the sequel to one of the most loved strategy games. See if you can guess which is which! You get three goes, but the first two don't count...

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Wing Commander 1+2 comes with all the trimmings, including the Secret Operations expansions and the Speech Pack, but that's still plenty of kitty-shooting fun if you can get past the primitive engine. For me, the appeal wasn't so much the combat though as the sense of life the Wing Commander games gave their ships. You really got to know your fellow pilots through masses of between-mission cut-scenes, while the branching storyline added a great feel of playing a pivotal role in a war that could go other way, instead of simply retrying missions until you succeeded. (Unless of course, you simply retried missions until you succeeded. Which everyone did.)

Dungeon Keeper 2 on the other hand is about foiling heroic efforts, giving you control of your very own hellish underworld and the monsters that go with it. People are still crying out for a proper third game, the China-only Dungeon Siege Online not counting, but at least the original sin is in everyone's grasp.

Both games are priced $5.99 wherever you live, with more EA titles due in the coming weeks.