Win access to the Company of Heroes 2: British Forces trial

Company of Heroes 2 2

The British Forces are set to storm Company of Heroes 2 on September 3. How would you like to fight for Her Majesty's gov't sooner? A limited free trial runs from 6pm BST / 10am PDT today through to Wednesday 2, and we have 5,000 Steam keys to give away that will let you in.

To enter, simply click through to the giveaway page, pop in your email address and the key will appear. First come, first served.

Enter the giveaway here

The British Forces adds the British army to Company of Heroes 2 for use in multiplayer and skirmish modes. The pack also adds eight new maps and three commanders that unlock the Brits' most powerful abilities, like the one that lets you drop gliders full of commandos on enemy units. Find out more in our British Forces hands-on from last week. The expansion has excellent swearing.

The British Forces goes live on Thursday and costs £9.99 / $12.99.

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