Win a free Steam key for Lichdom: Battlemage - 50,000 available

Xaviant Games' Lichdom: Battlemage celebrates its third birthday later this year, however it's still a fine-looking first-person fantasy ARPG today. Between its complex and involved slant on sorcery and its drive to reward risk taking, willing magicians will soon find many ways to "burn, smash and corrupt" their enemies—as Patrick Carlson outlined in his warm review back in 2014.  

Fancy giving some of that crack? Now's your chance as Bundle Stars is giving away 50,000 Steam keys for Lichdom: Battlemage to raffle off in today's sweepsteak. To enter, simply follow the instructions outlined in the widget below. 

To mark the occasion, Bundle Stars is offering a further ten percent off its Spring Sale prices. Enter the voucher SPRING10 to make your saving. 

Good luck! 

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