Win a free Steam key for Alien: Isolation's Corporate Lockdown DLC

Alien Isolation 2

Think of the poor survivors stranded aboard the Sevastopol. Do they know it's Christmas? Just when they thought the nightmare was over, the first piece of DLC for our game of the year, Alien: Isolation, turned their carols to screams. Join the terror by claiming one of the ten thousand Corporate Lockdown keys we're giving away this weekend.

The Corporate Lockdown DLC adds three new maps for Survivor mode set between the corporate penthouse and the medlabs, and includes a new playable character called Ransome who will "give you the firepower to take the fight to your enemies". It's worth worth £5.59 / $7.99, and requires a copy of Alien: Isolation to play. Corporate Lockdown is the first in a long series of DLC releases for Alien: Isolation, which are all included in the £20 / $30 season pass.

For a chance to win a key, enter your email address in the widget below. On Wednesday, ten thousand winners will be randomly selected, and receive a Steam key by email. Don't worry if you don't get a key, we're giving them away free in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK, which you can buy digitally for just £2.99 / $5, and also includes our in-depth feature on the making of Alien: Isolation.


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