Win a copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a Razer Lycosa keyboard and a Razer Imperator mouse!

To celebrate the launch of Firaxis' brilliant Earth defence strategy game, 2K Games have teamed up with Razer to give away an awesome gaming bundle to five lucky, talented and probably rather dashing PC Gamer readers.

Each winner will receive a copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown in an actual box , a Razer Lycosa keyboard and a Razer Imperator mouse , both of which, rather more obviously, also come in boxes. The keyboard is described on Razer's site as a "nexus of dominion", which sounds like the kind of thing that might come in handy when facing down a terrible extraterrestrial threat.

Read our XCOM review to discover why you want it, and find out what to do get it after the jump!

All you have to do is offer up a forename, nickname and surname for the ultimate ET-ass-kicking psi-ops mega-armoured super-soldier, and the five that receive the most snorts of laughter from the PCG office will scoop the prizes. Send your entries to in an email entitled "ET GO HOME" and we'll pick the winners on Thursday. Please include your postal address, too!