WildStar trailer shows player housing, rebellious coffee table placement


They aren't death fortresses , but neither are WildStar's player houses something you'd spot in a suburban cul-de-sac. Carbine wants your abode to play an important role in your travels across Nexus beyond four walls and a roof for your baubles, and the developer's latest trailer describes what you'll get for staking a claim on the frontier.

Surrounding your home are "plugs" to add extra buildings such as a forge or an ore pit. With enough work, your patch of land can eventually turn into an all-in-one crafting, collecting, and transport hub. Carbine seems to be looking to infuse a few more social elements in housing activities instead of isolating everyone into individual pockets of existence, as you and your buddies can freely hop into each other's area to assist with gathering resources or fighting off the occasional monster pack.

You'll nab plenty of personal benefits for spicing up your house, of course, such as rested XP rate boosts from the amount of swag loaded up into your crib. Carbine explains it all in the trailer, but my plans are already set—I'm decorating my pad with as many bales of hay as possible and call it "The Fortress of Straw-itude."

WildStar doesn't have a solid launch date beyond sometime this year, but we've seen enough of it to share some thoughts in a preview .

Omri Petitte

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