Wild West Online expands character creation suite

So far, Wild West Online is more mild than wild, reckons our Chris—pointing out that while he did moderately enjoy his time with the in-development open world cowboy adventure, there isn't a whole lot to it as yet. Developer 612 Games has now expanded the game's character creation suite, which is also a work-in-progress.  

As the short footage below details, players can now choose between the Gunslingers or Trailblazers in WWO's character creation suite, and there are now more options tied to base character options.

"In preparation for the upcoming next Alpha patch, we wanted to share info about the latest in character creation," says 612 in this blog post. "As you can see in the clip, there are now more base character choices.  You can then adjust skin and hair color to create your perfect in-game alter-ego."

The post adds that players can now delete and rename characters, as per popular request, and that newly created characters must exist for 48 hours before being deleted. As outlined in the video above, renaming characters will cost players a portion of their in-game currency.  

The developer wraps up the post by promising "lots of other exciting new stuff" in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for that.