Wholesome Games is a Twitter account worth following in these dark times

Social media is not a pleasant place to be most of the time, but a lot of us are addicted to it anyway. When I really started to feel like the politics, hot takes, and endless stream of horrible news on Twitter were melting my brain, I began to follow every account I stumbled across that posted cool art. I still get some of the depressing stuff, but it's interspersed by beautiful artwork now. That stuff makes me happy. So does Wholesome Games, a new account that is really all about what it says on the tin: "Brightening your day with cute, friendly, colorful and welcoming videogames."

This is not a complicated idea. It's a feed of screenshots and animated gifs from a range of bright, bubbly, cheery games. The text that accompanies those images is equally positive, mixing recommendations with personal stories. Here are some examples.

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The pureness and warmth of the enthusiasm here just makes me smile. I've learned about a few new games that I'm curious about. I mean, who wouldn't be curious about Catadel, a town builder with cats? There may be a glut of farming games these days, but wow does Summer in Mara look just beautiful and fun. And I really do need to play A Hat in Time one of these days. 

The way Wholesome Games so warmly presents these games actually makes me view some of them, ones I already knew about, in a different way. For example, take this tweet about Little Dragon's Cafe, a farming sim released on Steam back in November.

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Player reception to Little Dragons Cafe wasn't too hot, reviews were mixed, and I'd already forgotten it existed. If I decided I needed to play a farming life sim, I'd probably pick Stardew Valley, because I know it's great. But you know what? I really like this gif of Little Dragons Cafe. I enjoy looking at it, even if I'm not compelled to play it, and the reference to it being overlooked is a nice reminder that it's not only the best-in-genre games that make an impact on us. We may not have reviewed Crackdown 3 well, but that doesn't mean it can't be a lot of fun to play while listening to our favorite podcasts.

Wholesome Games isn't just about PC games. It tweets about stuff on the Switch and sometimes old consoles. It's a nice mix. Scrolling through the feed reminds me of when I used to habitually browse Noirlac, a Tumblr devoted to the pixel art of old Japanese games. Wholesome Games adds more personality, but I'd happily settle for a steady stream of pleasant games, new and old, with a brief description. Anything more is gravy.

Thanks for making Twitter just a little nicer, Wholesome Games.

Wes Fenlon
Senior Editor

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