Which game made you laugh the most?

Which game made you laugh the most? That's the subject of this weekend's Q&A. We want to read about the games that have made you chuckle or even double over with laughter, whether intentionally or not. While below you'll find that a few of our answers relate to games that are designed to be funny, most of them are multiplayer games that ended up being hilarious because of who we shared them with.

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Tom Senior: Multiplayer Spelunky

Four-player Spelunky is a calamity of laughable fuck ups. Every dropped knife or misplaced whip can kill, and death is so fast and stupid in Spelunky it's impossible not to laugh. Even when three players are dead it's hilarious to watch the lone survivor battle through to the exit. Throw an angry shopkeeper into the mix and you've got total chaos. Games don't need jokes to be funny, sometimes some slapstick action works just as well.

Joe Donnelly: Broken Sword

Despite dipping my toes into Lucasfilm games in the '90s, Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars was the first point and click adventure game I played to completion. It was also the first game that made me laugh out loud (hysterically, while choking on a packet of salt and vinegar crisps/chips, for what it's worth). Co-protagonists George Stobbart and Nico Collard are hilarious on their own, but the quips and one liners they deliver together, bouncing off one another, are brilliant. I've replayed the first Broken Sword a couple of times since, and found these exchanges no less funny. I read this earlier, and wrote the above with a smile. 

James Davenport: The Jackbox Party Pack 3

I actually brought my laptop to a bar and played it with my family over last Christmas. The experience taught me things about my parents I wish I didn't know, but mostly, it brought us together over absurdly stupid t-shirts. One of the included games, Tee K.O., is all about creating ridiculous t-shirts based on slogans and drawings people create. Over a few rounds of voting on randomized combos of everyone's slogans and drawings, the most ridiculous combinations rise to the top in a final battle. We closed out the damn bar, all of us in tears. I ended up ordering one for my mom (winning shirts can be made real using the power of money), Cynthia, a Midwestern preacher's daughter who was clearly out of her element and somewhat uncomfortable with the ideas manifesting from her adult children's brains. Let's allow the shirts to speak for themselves.

Wes Fenlon: Jazzpunk

Much of my youth was spent with friends laughing over Nintendo 64 games, but not so much the PC. In recent history, though, I was completely unprepared for how funny indie gem Jazzpunk ended up being. It's clever, it's absurdist, it's stupid, it's random, it's meta, it's ugly, it's beautiful. It's probably the funniest game ever made, honestly. Sorry, Tim Schafer. You're still really funny too.

Chris Livingston: Half-Life 2 Deathmatch

It's so fast and frenetic and there are toilets and file cabinets being flung everywhere turning players into ragdolls every two seconds. I remember laughing so hard the first time I played that I couldn't even seen the screen. It's just ridiculous and brutal being smashed and insta-killed by a flying physics object that sends you sailing through the air, limbs thumping and flopping everywhere. It's an absolutely goofy mode when you play it right (no guns except the gravity gun) and has more laughs per minute than games that are deliberately trying to be funny.

Andy Chalk: Ghost Recon Wildlands

I've spent a lot of hours playing Ghost Recon: Wildlands with a couple of friends from the PCG Discord, and every single foray into its grim, violence-soaked world has been excruciatingly funny. Much of it, like out-of-control motorcycle rides off of cliffs or unintentional explosions in the middle of stealth jobs, are "had to be there" moments that would probably just be irritating in solo play. But in a group, with the  right people, it's like Tier One Three Stooges out there.

It's obviously not supposed to be funny, and players who want to get things done       might not have the patience for the slapstick shit show that follows in our wake. But for injury-inducing laughter, I really don't think you can beat a huge, firepower-filled open world that's happy to let players be stupid—especially one that presents itself as such a gritty, serious, Manly Man game.

This man is not amused by your shenanigans.

Samuel Roberts: GTA Online

I've made some foolish purchases in GTA Online, but the Vigilante, pictured above, is easily the daftest of the novelty vehicles in my garage. It's basically a Batmobile, if Bruce Wayne knew nothing about rocket boosters but attached one to his car anyway. Any time I jam that thing on with a passenger next to me, the car goes flying either into the sky, on top of a building or, most hilariously, into the ocean. That thing is way too light to be a Batmobile, but it was worth the money for all the fun times it's provided me.

GTA Online always provides high-end silly moments. If it spent less time loading and if some of the actual moneymaking activities were less of a grind, I think it'd be my perfect online game.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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