Where to buy gaming headsets in stock today

Gaming headsets in stock today
(Image credit: HyperX)

Gaming headsets aren't necessarily under as much stock pressure as something like a webcam, but if you want to know where has a supply of great gaming headphones right now our regularly updated guide can help you track down the right headset today.

You know the drill, we're stuck at home having to modify the use of our gaming PC so that we can use it to work from home... and maybe not just play games while pretending to work from home. This transition means that a lot of us are having to buy new equipment to make that happen, and the most important kit is that which allows us to keep in touch with other humans. 

Webcams are the trickiest thing to get hold of right now, but a good headset, with a clear microphone, can be the next best thing.

Thankfully there is still decent stock of audio kit around, so why not take this opportunity to not just get a boring single-ear office headset, but a great gaming headset? For my money that's the HyperX Cloud Alpha, and that's still available for a great price, but check out our full guide to the best gaming headsets for a full run-down of the top cans. 

This list is updated every 30mins to ensure the very latest stock at the very best prices for you lovely people.

Dave James
Managing Editor, Hardware

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