What does DCUO's first major update have for you?


In our review of DCUO, we noted that while the game has a solid foundation for a robust endgame, SOE would need to follow through on their promise of monthly content updates in order to really thrive. Good news! Less than three weeks after launch, full details about the game's first major content update (available later this month, a bit later than we'd hoped) are out--and it looks to have a little something for everybody--from furries to Mayan god-worshippers to star-crossed lovers to fans of cyclopean baddies.

The official announcement from SOE will be coming out this Friday, but Creative Director Chris Cao already let loose most of the info yesterday in an interview with Massively .

Valentine-specific content will only be available during the month of February, but everything else on this list is here to stay! To help you sort through all of the content being added (and to help you bitch and moan on the forums about why "carebears are totally lame and don't deserve gear" or why "gankers have no soul and SOE should nuke them all from orbit"), we've sorted the different updates into categories for who they're meant to please. Find yourself below and see what's coming your way!

The Raid Leader: "Gotta get that new belt for +2 Might"

  • Batcave's Back : The hardest raid in the game right now is the Batcave (filled with robots after Braniac took it over, despite the Dark Knight's resistance). Hardcore raiders are still trying to clear the existing content, and SOE is already tossing open the doors to another wing of the Batcave, with harder bosses and sweeter loot. Only the most dedicated raiders will want to take a crack at the sentient computer Brother Eye and his army of OMAC cyborgs right when it's released.

  • Suit upgrades : Those looking for premium gear will find it here--provided they're capable of downing a multitude of androids and reprogrammed tech, like the Batcave's own riot control mech.

The Pacifist: "Can't heroes and villains just get along?"

  • Win their hearts : For Valentine's day, players can morph into an oh-so-cute cherub form, take to the skies and aim their adorable little bow and arrow at the heartstrings of Metropolis' ordinary citizens. As you collect more hearts (the holiday's currency), you'll contribute to your faction's control over the fountain of love--what that is or why you want it has yet to be revealed, however.

  • Spread the love : As a cherub, free spirits can do their best impression of Aladdin's magic carpet ride by racing through the clouds as a part of a multiplayer race, flying through hearts for speedboosts and avoiding traps. Or just relive your 6th birthday by collecting hearts in a bouncy castle. Wheee!

The Casual: "I'm almost level 20!"

  • Levels don't matter, baby : Love is free, so your level doesn't matter. You'll be able to participate in all of the cherub events--like races, heart-collecting, and bouncy castles--whether you've reached the level cap or not.

  • Seasonal items : A lot of slower levelers are moving at the pace they are because they're stopping to smell (and collect) the roses along the way. And holidays add a bunch of new things to collect and explore on the side! Earning enough hearts can net you a his-or-hers Valentine's Day get-up guaranteed to turn heads in Gotham and Metropolis. (We're really hoping it's not a creepy baby cherub outfit.)

The Pickup Group Partner: "Yeah, I've got time for a quick run"

  • Gotham Museum : Each monthly content update is going to be themed around a specific DC comics character. The month of love's featured character is Catwoman. Level 30 players can chase her as she hops between rooftops in a new multiplayer race as she leads you to Gotham Museum's warehouse of artifacts. Once you're there, you can continue her storyline with some quests and instances.

  • Purrrfect : Things get hairy when ancient Egyptian relics begin transforming security guards and curators into buff lions and tigers (sorry, no bears allowed). Catwoman can't evade the feline metamorphosis either, and players will need to take her down as the last of five bosses, each with plenty of new gear to loot.

  • Spinecrushers : Also on the way is a new duo instance featuring Bane and his juiced-up posse--props to anybody if they spot Tom Hardy doing a little acting prep-work in this zone.

The Lore Hound: "Wonder Woman has a maximum jump distance of..."

  • Battle the gods : Trouble is afoot on Mount Olympus. The conflict between the heroes and villains of the world has thrown Aphrodite out of sync, and the two sides of love, both caring and selfish, have split her personality. Players will be able to choose which side they want to fight for in the attempt to restore order to the realm of romance.

  • What's with all the leather? : We don't know what we're going to find out about Selina Kyle (AKA Catwoman), but you can bet there's going to be a lot of info nuggets dropped in this content update about her backstory, characteristics, motivation and all that good stuff.

The Ganker: "Kill 'em first, ask questions later"

  • Open-world battles : More open world zones are being put together for heroes and villains to clash in (hopefully more exciting than the current Ring War event). In an interview with Massively , Chris Cao says that he believes that PvP is one of the driving factors behind DCUO's appeal, so SOE plans to continue to expand PvP content.

  • A new challenger appears : Alongside her new instances and quests, Catwoman will be added to the roster of available Legends characters to play as. If your opponents have any diamonds, she'll be sure to steal them.

  • Be a heart-breaker : All those sissy carebears are going to be doing open-world races to collect coins. A real jerk would sit along the race's route and give a soft tap (or stun) to anyone that rushes by, just to screw with their finish time. You bastard.

The Skeptic: "I would've liked it more if they'd changed..."

  • It's the little things : In the same interview, Cao also lists a plethora of upgrades to big and small things on their way, which will hopefully make the player's life easier. Chat is getting a minor upgrade (not the overhaul it needs) for now, with added controls over which channels you join and respond to by default. Animations have been spruced up, and the usual bug fixes and progression tweaks are coming.

  • More to come : These little fixes are more difficult to nail down ahead of time. We'll be sure to keep you updated as more specifics are announced.


  • Auction houses : For everyone looking to make a profit in DC's universe, the auction-house system will help jump start the game's non-existent economy. Selling Valentine's event items, collections, costumes and of course powerful gear should give potential wheelers-and-dealers a good starting point for packing out their virtual wallets. Let the undercutting on Domino Masks begin!

How about you? Based on what we're looking forward to most, Lucas is a Pacifist PUG Partner and Josh is a Ganking Casual PUG Partner. What are you?