What did you play last week?

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Tom Senior and Christopher Livingston have both been playing The Outer Worlds, which is probably going to absorb the rest of the team as well. Whether Obsidian's new RPG is more like their previous work on New Vegas or KOTOR 2 is up for debate, but it seems like a sprightly set of sci-fi environments to quest through. And as Chris points out, it has some cool companions including a robot janitor.

Morgan Park has been playing the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and was impressed by it. It's the new Call of Duty to beat, he says, although killstreaks are still a thing and, as Morgan puts it, they cheapen the satisfaction of actually doing well in multiplayer by handing you a bunch of easy kills on a plate.

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Lauren Morton played a demo of Superliminal, the puzzle game where objects change size depending on your perspective . You've got an object that's too big to fit through the letterbox, so you back away until the perspective makes it look like the object would fit. Bingo bango, now it does. It seems like Superliminal finds plenty of ways to turn that one trick into a puzzle machine, wrapped up in a Portal-esque story of experimentation gone wrong.

Phil Savage played Crossroads Inn, a fantasy tavern simulator, and found it rather different from his memories of the real thing at the pub his dad owned. It's a good idea for a game but it sounds like this one could have done with some more time in the cask to age, or maybe whatever the pub equivalent of an Early Access release is.

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Wes Fenlon has been playing Disc Creatures, which is what the old Game Boy Pokémon games would be if they were made by an indie dev in 2019. I played Pokémon Red thanks to an emulator and that's the vibe I get from this, only with what sounds like a more interesting battle system and a slightly more humane take on the idea of gladiatorial battling with seizure beasts.

After finishing Disco Elysium (#goty2019) I thought I'd try a palate cleanser like What the Golf? It's a joke golf game where you hit objects that aren't normal golf balls into holes and then big silly words appear across the screen. Humor's even more subjective than other forms of entertainment, of course, but I found What the Golf? to be a swing and a miss, appropriately enough. I should probably just dive into The Outer Worlds instead.

Enough about us. What about you? Has anyone grabbed Two Point Hospital while it's on sale? Tried Abandoned Ship now it's out of Early Access? Or maybe Hello Neighbour's multiplayer spin-off Secret Neighbour? Let us know!

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