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West Virginia makes Fallout 76's Reclamation Day real

Fallout 76’s Reclamation Day is now a real thing in West Virginia, bizarrely. It’s the name of the first quest in Fallout 76 and the day the vault dwellers left their underground sanctuary to rebuild America from its ashes. The governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice, has decided to make this post-apocalyptic celebration official, formalising it with a proclamation that you can read below. 

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When the latest Fallout setting was revealed in the first E3 trailers, West Virginia saw increased attention thanks to the hordes of Fallout fans hungry for more details about the game. The state officially partnered with Bethesda to take advantage of the potential influx of tourists, and it looks like making Reclamation Day real is one of those marketing stunts. 

The proclamation mentions all the historical, cultural and natural locations presented by Fallout 76, framing it as a great way to get to know the state. What it does not mention are the hordes of mutants, deadly radiation and that players can launch nukes to devastate whole chunks of West Virginia. 

Unfortunately, Reclamation Day won’t get you time off work.

If you’re a tourist in digital West Virginia, here’s how to get started in Fallout 76.

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