We're giving away 300 Steam keys for fantasy RPG Hardland

(Image credit: Mountain Sheep)

I've been playing a lot of Hardland, the open world fantasy RPG from developer Mountain Sheep. It's a beautiful and bizarre adventure filled with cryptic elves, angry goblins, grouchy wizards, rotund merchants, and tons of other oddball characters and creatures—plus lots and lots of hats. Since its release last week I've been fully sucked into its surreal world where dead Goblin Kings can be used as hamster balls and where you'll meet talking pumpkins one minute and bipedal elephants the next.

If this sounds like the type of unusual RPG you might be looking for, we've got 300 Steam keys for Hardland, and we're giving them away in a raffle!

To enter the raffle, just enter your email in the widget below. (Note: You'll have to type it twice, once to enter it and a second time to confirm it.) We won't see the email address you enter and Godankey won't save it—it's only used to send the key to the winners. (Here's a direct link if you don't see the embed below.) The raffle will be active until Tuesday, September 24 (tomorrow), at 7 am PDT, at which point it will close and we'll send out keys to the winners. Good luck!

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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