Welcome to VR Month

We're excited to present, in partnership with Oculus, a month-long look at what's exciting right now in the world of VR. Across 19 articles, we'll be writing about the best games playable in VR today, the most interesting and relaxing experiences you can have in VR, what's going on in high-end VR arcades, and more. We have advice on introducing friends and family to VR for the first time, and a round-up of the VR games to look out for next year.

VR Month is our chance to show how far VR has come since the launch of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive in 2016. High-end headsets are far more affordable. System requirements are lower. Games are abundant, and developers are finding new, interesting ways to convey motion in VR. And there's some exciting VR technology on the horizon, too. Check out our sister site Techradar for more VR Month articles. 

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VR Month articles

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