Weekend Game Deals - September 21, 2012

This week's best deals

Borderlands 2, Saints Row: The Third, and more

Amazon has 10% off Borderlands 2 - it's not a lot, but it did just release - and a more substantial 40% off The Walking Dead . Meanwhile, Saints Row: The Third is 66% off on Steam and free to play this weekend, the Tribes: Ascend Starter Pack is only $7.49 at GameStop, and Green Man Gaming continues to give out 25% off vouchers (it matches Amazon's Borderlands 2 deal , too).


Saints Row: The Third, Red Orchestra 2, Killing Floor

Saints Row: The Third is 66% off and free to play this weekend. Killing Floor and Red Orchestra 2 also get the double-six treatment, and Sniper Elite V2 is 50% off.


Borderlands 2, The Walking Dead

Amazon was a little disappointing last week, but this week it has 10% off the just-released Borderlands 2 and 40% off The Walking Dead. The other sales have carried over from previous weeks, and some have been around for ages. Someone at Amazon really wants you to play Mount & Blade.

Green Man Gaming

► 25% off voucher, Borderlands 2

Use the voucher code GMG20-27J4Z-8NXHO to receive 25% off a digital download by Tuesday September 25th at 4 a.m. PDT. By the way, Arma II: Combined Ops was recently added to GMG's catalog , so there's an idea. Plus, there's all the deals below:

Get Games

Guild Wars 2, Sleeping Dogs

You can still get Sleeping Dogs for 25% off and Borderlands for 50% off. Guild Wars 2, however, is down from 25% to 15% off, and still only for European customers. Sad face.


► Tribes: Ascend, Arma II

GameStop has 75% off the Tribes: Ascend Starter Pack . That's a pretty good deal - it includes all classes, permanent VIP status (50% XP bonus), 800 Gold, a 30 day XP booster, and some gear and perks. Compare that to $10 for 800 Gold (and nothing else) from Hi-Rez's store.


Atari All-Stars

GOG is selling a selection of Atari games at 60% off this weekend . I would list them all here, but it turns out Atari published a lot of games.


► Same deals, different day

Some of last week's deals, like BioShock at 50% off, are gone, but those that remain look to be the same as always - mostly tons of Paradox games . Let me know if I missed anything crazy big.


► Bastion 'n Batman

Bastion is a damn neat game, and it's currently only $3.75 at GameFly .

Let us know in the comments if you find any more great deals!

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