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Weekend Game Deals - Portal to Skyrim

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Steam's got the big ones this weekend with 66% off Portal 2 (opens in new tab) , 33% off Skyrim (opens in new tab) , and 80% off Company of Heroes (opens in new tab) . On Amazon (opens in new tab) , Double Fine games are heavily discounted with 80% off Costume Quest (opens in new tab) and 60% off Psychonauts (opens in new tab) , and you can still get 27% off Civilization V (opens in new tab) , 15% off Mass Effect 3 (opens in new tab) , and 50% off Mount & Blade: Warband (opens in new tab) . See all of this weekend's deals inside!


To celebrate its Steam Workshop integration (opens in new tab) , Valve is offering 66% off Portal 2 (opens in new tab) all weekend, and the same discount on the Portal Bundle (opens in new tab) (both games for $8.49). You can also play Tropico 4 free (opens in new tab) , and buy the game for 66% off. Oh, and if you want to know why everyone's making a fuss about the Company of Heroes 2 (opens in new tab) announcement, you can add Company of Heroes (opens in new tab) to your collection for $1.99.


This week, Amazon is offering big Double Fine discounts which include 60% off Psychonauts (opens in new tab) and 80% off Costume Quest (opens in new tab) . And, as usual, Amazon's got bunches of other deals, such as 50% off Mount & Blade: Warband (opens in new tab) and 33% off Modern Warfare 3 (opens in new tab) . We've picked out some of the highlights below, but Amazon's PC download deals (opens in new tab) are always changing, so check out its list for anything we missed.


With Dead Space 3 details recently leaked, Impulse is offering Dead Space and Dead Space 2 (opens in new tab) bundled together for $19.99.



It's Batman weekend at GamersGate with 60% off Batman: Arkham City (opens in new tab) , 75% off Arkham Asylum (opens in new tab) , and 66% off LEGO Batman (opens in new tab) . And, under a totally unrelated theme week banner, bunches of naval warfare games (opens in new tab) are discounted at up to 66% off.


This weekend's themed GOG sale drops 50% off 1C games like the UFO series, Cryostasis, and King's Bounty: The Legend.


Green Man Gaming can't match Amazon's Dungeon Siege 3 deal or Steam's Tropico 4 deal, but it's still one of the only places I've seen a Super Meat Boy discount, so if you haven't played it yet, this is the place to grab a Steam key.

Know of any more game deals this weekend? Drop them in the comments!

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