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Weekend Game Deals - Portal to Skyrim


Steam's got the big ones this weekend with 66% off Portal 2 , 33% off Skyrim , and 80% off Company of Heroes . On Amazon , Double Fine games are heavily discounted with 80% off Costume Quest and 60% off Psychonauts , and you can still get 27% off Civilization V , 15% off Mass Effect 3 , and 50% off Mount & Blade: Warband . See all of this weekend's deals inside!


To celebrate its Steam Workshop integration , Valve is offering 66% off Portal 2 all weekend, and the same discount on the Portal Bundle (both games for $8.49). You can also play Tropico 4 free , and buy the game for 66% off. Oh, and if you want to know why everyone's making a fuss about the Company of Heroes 2 announcement, you can add Company of Heroes to your collection for $1.99.


This week, Amazon is offering big Double Fine discounts which include 60% off Psychonauts and 80% off Costume Quest . And, as usual, Amazon's got bunches of other deals, such as 50% off Mount & Blade: Warband and 33% off Modern Warfare 3 . We've picked out some of the highlights below, but Amazon's PC download deals are always changing, so check out its list for anything we missed.


With Dead Space 3 details recently leaked, Impulse is offering Dead Space and Dead Space 2 bundled together for $19.99.



It's Batman weekend at GamersGate with 60% off Batman: Arkham City , 75% off Arkham Asylum , and 66% off LEGO Batman . And, under a totally unrelated theme week banner, bunches of naval warfare games are discounted at up to 66% off.


This weekend's themed GOG sale drops 50% off 1C games like the UFO series, Cryostasis, and King's Bounty: The Legend.


Green Man Gaming can't match Amazon's Dungeon Siege 3 deal or Steam's Tropico 4 deal, but it's still one of the only places I've seen a Super Meat Boy discount, so if you haven't played it yet, this is the place to grab a Steam key.

Know of any more game deals this weekend? Drop them in the comments!