Company of Heroes 2 first details: it's in Russia, it's snowy, it looks amazing

Company of Heroes logo

Company of Heroes 2 is coming! Relic, makers of Homeworld and Dawn of War, have finally announced the sequel to their glorious, Nazi-stomping World War II strategy game.

If you want to read every shrapnel of information, you'll need to run out and buy the next issue of PC Gamer magazine - on sale in the UK on May 9th, and the US May 22nd. UK readers even get Company of Heroes 1 free with every issue.

But if you want to know the basics, read on below for how Relic intend to follow the best real-time strategy game of all time.

  • It's set on the Russian front. You control the Soviets in their fight to repel the invading Nazi force.

  • Snow plays a major part on the battlefield.

  • The cover system has been revamped.

  • The game is due out 2013.

We'll have loads more information on Company of Heroes in the coming weeks, as and when we're allowed to talk about it. Or you could order a PC Gamer magazine right now.