Watch Dogs PC version getting some Nvidia treats

Nvidia wrote a little blog post announcing Nvidia and Ubisoft have joined forces to pretty up the PC versions of a few upcoming titles, including the surveillance pipe dream known as Watch Dogs .

While the post doesn't elaborate on which PC-exclusive features we'll see in Watch Dogs and the next, I'm willing to bet it'll be a lot of the same stuff described in the post Nvidia wrote about Splinter Cell: Blacklist, mentioning ambient occlusion, TXAA, and higher-resolution art assets. There's no word yet on whether Aiden's jacket will be imbued with the magical properties of PhysX support.

It's nice to know the PC versions of Ubisoft's upcoming line-up will get a few more bells and whistles, but hopefully someone else is working to ensure Watch Dogs actually boots up correctly this November. Few things are as frustrating as waiting for months to play a game only to see a black screen because things weren't ready .

In any case, Watch Dogs comes out November 19, so Ubisoft has a few months to make sure the game's executable actually executes.