Watch us play the first 30 minutes of Full Throttle Remastered with Tim Schafer

It's been 22 years since Full Throttle first revved its engines, and now it's the latest in a line of classic LucasArts and Double Fine adventure games to be remastered. Similar to the Day of the Tentacle remaster that launched last year, Double Fine has repainted all the art, remastered all the sounds and music—most of which the studio managed to find the original recordings for—and packed it full of extra nostalgic goodies like concept art galleries and commentary tracks.

We were fortunate enough to create a commentary track of our own (sort of) by sitting down with Double Fine's Tim Schafer and Greg Rice to play the first 30 minutes of Full Throttle Remastered. Watch the video above to see its new coat of paint and hear Tim tell stories about the process of making both the original Full Throttle and this updated version. 

Tom Marks
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