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Watch this guy biff it in real life while rock climbing in VR

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Think you're having a bad day? Try being the guy that walked into a Microsoft Store to demo an Oculus Rift only to end up face-planting on camera. We realize we're only making matters worse by drawing attention to the video, but c'mon, this is funny stuff. Just as importantly, if not more so, it serves as a reminder to be careful when playing with all this newfangled technology.

The unidentified individual in the video is seeing what it's like to be a rock climber in "The Climb." Things seem to be going well until they aren't, at which point he leans too far forward and falls.

It's a spectacular tumble in both virtual and real worlds, though lucky for him his real-world ascent was only a few feet, not down a mountainside. Have a look.

This isn't the first time technology has gotten one over on a human. YouTube is littered with videos of people accidentally throwing their Wii Remotes through their LCD TVs and other technology fails.

Be careful out there, folks.

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