Watch these Fortnite players make love not war

I've always thought it was a bit tragic that Fortnite is a kill-on-sight kind of game. I mean, I get it, it's a battle royale. But does that mean everyone has to be your enemy? That's a question that redditor 'zblockariah' answered when they shared this heartwarming video of love and friendship blossoming on the field of battle.

As the video shows, zblockariah is whacking away at a house with his pickaxe when he encounters an unnamed player, who will henceforth be called Mr. Bones. Without a weapon to defend himself with, zblockariah knows he's done for so he begins dancing and dropping his inventory as a peace offering. Instead of killing him, Mr. Bones also begins dancing and, amazingly, drops some items for zblockariah to use. And thus begins the greatest love story ever told.

The next few minutes are a montage of zblockariah and Mr. Bones dancing excitedly next to one another and sharing resources. And then, in a tragic moment at the edge of the deadly blue circle, Mr. Bones drops the remainder of his inventory, emotes one last time, and walks off to his death.

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Or so I thought. Like all the best love stories, this one has a happy ending—well, up to the point that zblockariah and Mr. Bones were both killed off by other players (thankfully this part isn't in the video). But still, considering these are two strangers who are supposed to kill each other, I love that they ended up becoming fast friends instead.

Of course, this is against the rules in Fortnite. You're forbidden from teaming up with  enemy players, as commenters are quick to point out. But I say fuck the haters, true love isn't bound by your stupid rules.

Be sure to check out the full video here.

I've reached out to zblockariah to see if he knows Mr. Bones' real name and to find out, against all odds, if they somehow managed to connect out side of the game.

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