Watch the Resident Evil showcase here

Capcom's getting into the Halloween spirit today with a livestream devoted to Resident Evil.

The Resident Evil Showcase, which kicks off on YouTube and Twitch at 3 pm PT, will include looks at the upcoming Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and the Resident Evil 4 Remake. If you already own Village, the most interesting thing from that segment will be Winters' Expansion DLC, which comes out very soon,—on October 28. The update also adds Lady D to the Mercenaries mode, should you want to get your stepping-on-people on.

Seeing more of RE4 Remake is probably the bigger draw, though: Capcom's update of the acclaimed action game is out in March, 2023. You can catch the livestream when it airs in the Youtube vid above.

Here's a timezone breakdown of when the Resident Evil Showcase begins: 

  • UK: 11 pm BST
  • US West coast: 3 pm PST
  • US East coast: 6 pm EST
  • Sydney, Australia: 9 am AEDT
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