Watch Nvidia's GTC 2023 keynote right here today

With the Game Developer Conference in full swing just down the road, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang will be kicking off the company's own event today, March 21. And you can watch the whole of the Nvidia GTC keynote right here.

The conference will start at 8am PDT (11am EDT | 3pm GMT) and is scheduled to last for a full ninety minutes. The description for what we're to expect is pretty vague right now, stating that Jen-Hsun will be unveiling "the latest advancements in generative AI, the metaverse, large language models, robotics, cloud computing, and more."

So expect a lot of talk about the democratisation of computing thanks to ChatGPT, and probably a good chunk of Nvidia patting itself on the back for putting such a focus into this area for so many years?

But what about gaming? There are a few more RTX 40-series cards still to launch and even to be officially announced, so there is a slight chance that there will at least be some passing reference to the RTX 4070.

The rumours are the kinda mid-range RTX 40-series GPU is set to launch on April 13 this year, with reviews of the Founders Edition cards going live the day before. 

What suggests that we won't see an announcement of the card is the leaked embargo information Videocardz has been presented with. That suggests the announcement itself is tied into the review embargo on April 12. That would mean nothing being said specifically about the new GPU at GTC today.

But what we might hear more about is how Nvidia is opening the way for more and more developers to get on board with DLSS 3 and Frame Generation by both integrating the features into its Streamline SDK as well as via a plugin for the next version of Unreal Engine.

It's also making its RTX Path Tracing SDK available for game developers, too, should they wish to embrace the even more GPU taxing method of lighting a scene. All of these steps have been announced ahead of time, however, and are more about GDC than GTC.

So, there should still be some surprises left in store for us once Jen-Hsun takes to the stage in his current meat CEO form.


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