Watch nine minutes of Risen devs’ open world sci-fi RPG Elex

As you may already know, Piranha Bytes—the studio behind both the Gothic and Risen series—has teamed up with Nordic Games/THQ Nordic to create Elex, a similarly ambitious fantasy-themed action RPG. Up to now, information has been thin on the ground however new in-game footage has emerged from Gamescom. 

As far as I can see, it’s quite similar to its forerunners but with the addition of jetpacks. 

Granted that there is pre-alpha footage, but Elex’s animations look a wee bit clunkier than I’d hoped at this stage. It’s not due until 2017, but I’ve been otherwise impressed with the screens that’ve surfaced—not to mention this “mood” trailer—thus far.    

Nonetheless, Elex promises five freely explorable open world regions when it does arrive, traversable by land or, of course, jetpack. Like Piranha’s back catalogue, it won’t operate a traditional class system, instead “you must earn the trust of experienced teachers to develop the skills you select," so says the devs on the game's site. "But, skills alone won’t be enough to survive in this harsh and challenging world.

"Your attitude towards the people you meet will influence those around you. Will you make an ally or an enemy? Is now the time to show emotion or take the course of logic? Every choice will forge the future of your game.”

Elex is due at some point in 2017—check out its official site for more details on its characters, lore, and mechanics.