Elex, Piranha Bytes' "science-fantasy" RPG, now has a website

By the looks of it, Piranha Bytes' Elex is pretty much Risen but with jetpacks. I'm sure there's more to it than that, many key differences to differentiate their latest open world RPG from the Risen/Gothic series, but that's enough to get me onboard. Risen but with jetpacks. Let's do this.

OK, a few more details. Andy covered the announcement of Elex around a year ago, but since then the game has been lingering in that weird development period where developers insist on working on their games, but without shouting about it every sixteen seconds. Thankfully that is now over, and Elex has a proper website full of screenshots, concept art and juicy information. It's from this website I learn about the jetpacks, which feature in their "brand new, post-apocalyptic, Science-Fantasy universe where magic meets mechs".

You can read about the backstory and setting yourself, because I generally find all that a bit boring, but here are few choice quotes about how Elex is going to play.

"Thanks to the open world, you have access to all five regions of the game world right from the very start. Go where you want, choose your battles and your allies, the only thing in the world that will stop you, are the mutant creatures that live in Magalan’s Elex polluted landscapes."

"From swords and axes, to bows, crossbows and harpoons, Elex offers one of the widest selection of weaponry in the history of role-playing. Pick up a shotgun, power up a plasma rifle or unleash a flame thrower – there’s a weapon and combat style for every fighter out there."

"In Elex there is no traditional class system. Instead you must earn the trust of experienced teachers to develop the skills you select. But, skills alone won’t be enough to survive in this harsh and challenging world. Your attitude towards the people you meet will influence those around you. Will you make an ally or an enemy? Is now the time to show emotion or take the course of logic? Every choice will forge the future of your game."

That bit about there being no class system is pure Gothic/Risen, as is the stuff about factions, so if you enjoyed those games, you'll want to keep an eye or two on Elex. There's no release date yet, unfortunately, but given the sudden revamping of the website, an E3 showing seems likely.

Tom Sykes

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