Watch Dogs trailer shows off the game's Dark Souls-style multiplayer features

We know that Watch Dogs features Dark Souls-ish multiplayer features that will allow you to invade other players' worlds to hack and mess around with their stuff (and be invaded in return), but now we can finally see the game's (anti-)social element in action. The following video shows what to do (or, to be honest, what not to do) when another player invades your world, before illustrating how to hack someone in return.

As well as being a bit similar to Dark's Souls, there's obviously more than a hint of Assassin's Creed's cat-and-mouse multiplayer modes in there. If you'd rather not have your game hacked (and who can blame you?), you'll be pleased to hear that you can switch the multiplayer off - it's also temporarily disabled during story missions.

Watch Dogs hasn't yet been Ubi-delayed, so it's still on track for its November 22nd release.

Thanks, OXM .

Tom Sykes

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