Watch Dogs Legion's new mode fills London with zombies

Zombies are coming to Watch Dogs Legion, which I suppose was inevitable, given that they will consume every game eventually. They'll shamble into the open world hack-'em-up tomorrow alongside update 4.5, in a new mode entitled Legion of the Dead.

This is almost certainly the big surprise teased in a recent Legion roadmap, which detailed story expansions, additional characters, and other bits and bobs to be added to the game. It's unclear whether the mode will be included as part of the game patch, or made available separately as paid or free DLC, though I'd expect the former given that Ubisoft considers it to be in an alpha state. The developer plans to tweak Legion of the Dead based on player feedback.

The mode will offer a 1-4 player roguelite experience, dropping players in a London filled with the undead. IGN has the scoop on the new mode, and you can watch its 20-minute playthrough in the video above, as four players hunt down supply packages before hoofing it to an extraction point. There's a lot of shooting, and not much hacking going on in the mode. But then, I expect it would be quite a challenge to hack a zombie.

Legion of the Dead is coming to Watch Dogs Legion tomorrow.

Tom Sykes

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