Wrench from Watch Dogs 2 will be a playable character in Watch Dogs Legion's season pass

Watch Dogs Legion releases October 29, but today Ubisoft gave us a look further into its future, spilling details on the multiplayer modes coming on December 3 for free, as well as Watch Dogs Legion's paid season pass. Check out the Watch Dogs Legion Year One Roadmap trailer above.

(Before we dig into that trailer, I got to play a few hours of Watch Dogs Legion last week, and you can read my report about hypnotizing people into being my friends, making lifelong enemies by accidentally ramming people with my car, climbing Big Ben with a spiderbot, and much more in Watch Dogs Legion right here.)

Last month we learned Aiden Pearce, the gruff hero of the original Watch Dogs game will be coming to Watch Dogs Legion as a playable character with a new storyline. But Pearce is only one of four characters coming post-launch in the season pass—which is called Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline—and we now know who the other three characters are, too.

Probably the most notable new character is Wrench, the masked, motor-mouthed hacker from Watch Dogs 2. Bloodline will introduce "new gameplay abilities," but we don't yet know what sort of talents Wrench will bring to the mix. (Wrench was also playable in the final mission of Watch Dogs 2, where he was armed with a sniper rifle, shotgun, stun grenade launcher, 3D-printed assault rifle, and sticky bombs.)

The third character in the Season Pass is Mina, "a subject of trans-human experiments who possesses the ability to mind-control individuals," which could give players a new way to infiltrate secure areas (and probably a fun way to mess with people). 

The final new character is Darcy, a member of the Assassin's Brotherhood. Yep, Watch Dogs is crossing over with Assassin's Creed. We don't know what specific abilities Darcy will have, or whether or not some convenient haystacks will appear in London for her to dive into. The season pass will arrive in December, but pricing has not yet been announced.

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It'll be nice to see Wrench again, and both the assassin and Mina the mind-controller sound interesting, but where's Marcus Holloway, the charming star of Watch Dogs 2?

I asked Lathieeshe Thillainathan, live producer of Watch Dogs: Legion, if Holloway might make an appearance. "What I can say is, more details are to come in the future," he told me. "There are more Easter eggs and surprises that we're still holding back." Not a denial, not a confirmation. Keep your fingers crossed, I guess.

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Free updates are planned as well, and the first will bring three multiplayer modes to Legion on December 3. There will be an online open world mode where you can play co-op with up to four other players. (It's a separate world than the singleplayer mode, so you won't be able to play through the single-player campaign with help from co-op friends.) The co-op world will let you take on new multiplayer quests with friends and tackle more complex "tactical missions." There will also be a PvP mode called Spiderbot Arena, where up to eight players engage in battles while controlling heavily-armed spiderbot drones.

The best news (as far as I'm concerned) is the return of invasion mode, where one player quietly slips into another player's singleplayer game, disguised as a random NPC, and tries to hack their data before the invaded player can discover them. Invasion was, frankly, the best part of the original Watch Dogs and one of the most fun multiplayer modes in a game, ever, so I'm happy to see it's returning.

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