Watch Dogs Legion multiplayer is delayed indefinitely on PC

Watch Dogs: Legion living statue
(Image credit: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft has announced that Watch Dogs: Legion's multiplayer mode has been delayed indefinitely on PC. "We've identified an issue in the PC version that can cause the game to crash for players with certain GPUs," the development team said in a statement on Twitter, noting that it was working to fix the issue. "In the meantime," the statement continues, "we've made the decision to wait to  launch the PC version until this is fixed. We will communicate the new launch date as soon as possible."

Ubisoft also noted that, while the console version is coming on March 9, it will launch without the Tactical Op mode. A problem with the mode has been causing crashes, postponing its arrival until March 23. 

This announcement comes just two weeks after the announcement that the game mode was coming in March. At the same time, we got our first real hands on with Watch Dogs: Legion's Online.  So read that, but be aware that it might be longer than you want before you get to play it.

What's the one constant of PC gaming, kids?

"Hardware incompatibilities!"

 A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the console launch had been delayed until March 23. It is still coming on March 9. 

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