Watch Dogs Legion: Where to find the best and weirdest masks for your agents

Watch Dogs legion masks
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Watch Dogs Legion masks can be found all over London, packed into small boxes and hidden around the map. Many of the masks are located in restricted areas you'll come across while playing through missions, but there are a few Watch Dogs Legion masks you might want to grab early on.

There's a nice variety of Watch Dogs Legion masks with different themes, from scary to cool to just plain weird. As you're out exploring the city, whenever you get near to a mask location it'll show up on your minimap. But some of the coolest masks are well-hidden and you might need some help finding them—especially one in particular that only appears at a certain time of day.

Below, we've picked Watch Dogs Legion's best masks (and its weirdest ones, too) and laid out where you can find them—just look for the blue location arrow on the maps below.

Watch Dogs Legion Defalt mask

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One of the coolest masks is also one of the hardest to find, because you can only access its location at a certain time of day. The Defalt mask is a throwback to Watch Dogs 2—it belonged to the DJ and hacker named Defalt. It can be yours if you follow the instructions below.

At 2:00 AM on any morning, head to Cannon Street station in London, which is just north of the river. When you exit the station, turn right or left and then head south until you reach the river. You'll see a coffee shop near a passageway that goes through an arch under a building. Halfway across that  walkway there's a ladder leading down into the water. Jump in:

Next to the ladder at water level is a locked door that doesn't even look like a door. You will only get the 'Open' prompt if you're right up against it and it's 2:00 AM (or a little later, it's 22 minutes past the hour in the clip above). Open the door and you'll be in a location you'll find familiar if you've completed the mission there already (though you can get in there even if you haven't). 

Head into the room filled with mannequins and you'll find the mask under a desk.

Watch Dogs Legion skull with candles mask

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There are a few different skull masks in Legion, but this one has little hologram flames above the melted candles mounted on it. It's really cool looking!

In Westminster, you want to locate the Perry Harris Redevelopment Site. It's a construction area, so look for a cargo drone summoning station just inside the fence. (A construction worker or Kelley Gang member would be a good recruit to bring). Hop on a cargo drone and fly up to a small ledge on the edge of the site.

Watch Dogs Legion cloth mask

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Not every mask needs to be high-tech with LED lights and electronic parts. Sometimes all you need is some fabric and something to write with, like this mask, which appears to be a pair of underwear wrapped around your head and some facial features drawn on. Kind of a weird one.

Look for Thorne's Felts on the eastern edge of Camden. It's a tiny Kelley Gang zone. The mask is sitting on a counter inside.

Watch Dogs Legion Lion Gargoyle mask

One of the most fun Watch Dogs Legion masks is the Lion Gargoyle. It looks like it's made of stone. It's covered in moss. There's a big iron hoop it its jaws and an earring attached that swing around when you move. Even its eyes dart around.

It's in the basement of Somerset House, in Westminster, quite close to the river. It's got a heavily guarded upper area but once inside the gate you can scurry along the wall until you reach an opening that takes you to a guard-free downstairs. The mask is sitting on a crate.

Watch Dogs Legion

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There are a few different pig masks, courtesy of Legion's anarchists. But there's only one golden pig mask to show you want to fight the establishment while glamming it up at the same time.

In Nine Elms, look for the US Embassy. The mask is across the street to the south, way up on a balcony of a non-restricted building. Grab a cargo drone and take it to max altitude, then climb onto the balcony to reach it.

Watch Dogs Legion Helmet Mask

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This is a neat looking helm from medieval times, suitable for wearing while swinging a battle axe at some invading barbarians. But it's a cool look for future-London, too.

You'll find it at The Mix, in Southwark, and it's easy to grab since it's just sitting there next to some cargo containers.

Watch Dogs Legion Robot Mask

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There are a few different masks that look like a robot a kid made with a cardboard box, but this is the best of them—and the easiest to grab. Just head to Camden, and on the northern edge of the map you'll find Camden Market. 

It's a restricted area, but again, a cargo drone can lift you onto the roof to collect the mask, then carry you away before anyone knows you're there.

Watch Dogs Legion Yellow Bulldog Mask

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This is just a cool lookin' mask, futuristic yet painted with a bulldog, skeletons, weapons—it's a real work of art. It's in a Kelley Gang controlled location, and kind of a big one—the Southwark Incinerator. You'll have to get pretty deep into the facility before you find it on top of a cabinet, so bring a tough operative, a member of the gang you've recruited, or a send a spiderbot in to grab it.

Watch Dogs Legion Crowned Skull Mask

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This one is in a highly restricted area—Buckingham Palace. Luckily, a cargo drone can fly you way over everyone's head, and the mask is sitting out in the open right next to a drone summoning pad on the western edge of the building.

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