Watch Dogs Legion is free to play for the weekend

Watch Dogs Legion review
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Watch Dogs Legion is a very good game "once you've finally found the right group of anyones," we said in our 80% review. The recently released online co-op mode, on the other hand, is "a profound disappointment." If you still haven't taken a spin through the digital streets of near-future London and are wondering how that all balances out, this weekend will be a fine opportunity to find out.

Beginning tomorrow, March 25, and running until March 29, Ubisoft is making Watch Dogs Legion free for everyone. Preloading is live now on the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft, and as usual any progress earned during the free weekend will carry over the full version, should you choose to spring for it. It's also on sale on both storefronts for 50 percent off on all editions, and the season pass is on sale as well, for 25 percent off.

The trial version is somewhat limited: It will offer access to half of the game's eight boroughs, including the City of London and Islington & Hackney, and the story will only go as far as the Skye Larsen mission. Freebie players will be able to take advantage of "all of the open-world activities," however, including playing darts at the pub and getting into bareknuckle fights, which as I understand it is pretty much the quintessential British experience anyway. So you can consider that base covered, at least.

The Watch Dogs Legion free weekend will begin at 9 am PT/12 pm ET on March 25, and run until 7 am PT/10 am ET on March 29. If darts and fistfights don't turn your crank, we've got a whole other list of even more free games that you can grab right now.

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