Watch Dogs 2 Human Conditions DLC has self-driving cars that prioritise human life

As if the all-seeing, all-controlling surveillance state depicted by Watch Dogs and successor Watch Dogs 2 wasn't terrifying enough—the latter's incoming portion of DLC goes darker with the idea still. Human Conditions is due March 23 on PC, and brings with it new co-op missions, new locations and three new single-player Dedsec operations. 

Bad Medicine, Caustic Progress and Automata make up the story missions—and it's the latter which includes the horrifying life-prioritising vehicles. By locking horns with Nudle (Watch Dogs 2's equivalent of Google), protagonist Marcus discovers the tech giant has created self-driving cars that employ a new biometric security system. 

By determining user's 'Life Scores', the system in essence decides whether or not vehicle passengers are worth saving in the event of a crash. Worse still, if there are multiple people involved, a hierarchical system of worth kicks in against said Life Scores. Marcus, naturally, is tasked with putting an end to this ridiculously Orwellian invention.  

Ubisoft hasn't offered any information on Caustic Progress just yet, however the DLC's Bad Medicine mission sees Marcus side with a hitman in a bid to prevent an unscrupulous businessman from ripping off the city's hospitals.

Here's some of that in motion, including details on what Human Conditions introduces by way of co-op missions: 

Watch Dogs 2's Human Conditions DLC is due March 23 on PC.