Watch Dogs 2 gets new multiplayer mode and multiplayer races free today

Watch Dogs 2's 1.13 patch is due to land today, adding a new PvP mode called Showd0wn, multiplayer functionality for races, and new items like a paintball gun and a sweet tux.

Showd0wn is a 2 vs 2 structured around three types of objectives, including 'steal the HDD', "Doom-load (KotH style) and 'erase/protect the servers.' The official post on the patch describes Showd0wn as an "endgame challenge."

If you'd rather race, drone, motocross and eKart races will be available in multiplayer, and come with their own leaderboards that will grant undisclosed "season rewards" to high performers.

The patch also adds new ambient events to the open world in the form of armoured 'Loot Trucks' that you can hack and then defend against police responders. "These will not be easy to rob, but the cash and followers payout is fat."

The patch also adds paintball guns that splatter your opponent's view in multiplayer, and 13 new clothing items.  The patch doesn't seem to be out at the time of writing, but look out for it sometime today.

Tom Senior

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