Watch Dogs 2 gameplay video features hacking, driving, and bounties

The first “open world, free-roam” Watch Dogs 2 gameplay video sends heavily-armed Mr Robot wannabe Marcus Holloway through a “small slice” of the San Francisco Bay area, showcasing the game's hacking, driving, drones, various customization options, and other in-game activities.   

On this showing I can't say I'm entirely enamored with the “magic hacker box” Marcus carries with him, but the city looks great, and there's clearly a lot to do. It's also interesting to learn that Ubisoft Reflections, the UK-based studio that created the Driver series, was brought in to help improve the driving game in Watch Dogs 2, something narrator Colin Graham says was a priority after the release of the original.   

The trailer also demonstrates some online multiplayer action, and reveals a bit more about the Bounty Hunter mode that was announced last week. Players being chased by police are also subject to “bounty events,” until the “felony event” they're caught up in—that is, the police pursuit—comes to an end. 

“A bounty event allows up to three other online players to join the pursuit and try to kill the player for as long as the felony lasts,” Graham explains. “Bounties are a seamless PvP event that are triggered by your player style and how you interact with the police. If you are the type of player who's always in conflict with police, you'll have a higher chance of having a bounty placed on you."

Watch Dogs 2 comes out on November 15. We've got a hands-on for you right here.

Andy Chalk

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