Watch Berserk’s combat in full swing

You may have spotted Berserk—the dark fantasy manga series that’s said to have inspired the likes of Dark Souls and Dragon's Dogma—is getting a game adaptation this year. Arriving in the west at some point this Autumn/Fall, we’ve so far been treated to the smallest of glimpses regarding how protagonist Guts will tear up the battlefield. 

The latest trailer released on the Japanese Koei Tecmo YouTube channel is a teaser at best, but it nevertheless offers far more than we’ve seen up to now—showcasing hero Guts hacking, slashing, and spearing both human and beast-like waves of foes while barely breaking stride. We’re given a glance at his secondary attacks here too, as well as a longer look at his powerful “sword crush action” (a term I gleaned from a loose Google translation). Come look, see:

Pretty bloody, then. If you’d like to read more about the hows and whys of Guts’ actions above, an official English language website launched recently which offers insights into the game and surrounding series’ lore. Be warned, though, it drops some pretty heavy spoilers in doing so, and you may wish to avoid if you'd prefer to enter fresh. 

Berserk (which is for now a working title) is due to launch this Autumn/Fall.