Dynasty Warriors spin-off Berserk gets 2016 western launch date

When we first learned the next Dynasty Warriors spin-off will be based on the long-running dark fantasy manga series Berserk at E3 last month, Wes described the decision as a “no brainer”. I’d struggle to argue with that, and while a Japanese launch was initially confirmed this side of the year, it seemed a western port would likely slip into 2017 at the time. The publisher’s western arm has now formally confirmed it’ll head west in autumn 2016, and celebrated with the launch of a new English language website. 

Before you check out the official site, though, be wary that it drops some pretty hefty spoilers in relation to Berserk’s lore—to the manga, its 1997 animated off-shoot, and the forthcoming television series, due July 1. But if you’re only interested in the game, there’s some pretty cool information pertaining to its story, its two playable protagonists, and how you’ll guide them around the battlefield when the time comes.  

In any event, the most important things you need to know for now is that Berserk paints a sombre tale that revolves around a mercenary named Guts (cool, right?), who’s backed up by Griffith (a handsome fellow with lovely hair), both of whom carry big swords, and who really love killing things—not least hordes of forest-dwelling monsters, as depicted by this sliver of in-game footage teased in June

Berserk (which is a working title) is due for western release this Autumn/Fall.