Watch a new trailer for Polygod, a 'minimalist rogue-like FPS' coming next year

Polygod, a "minimalist rogue-like FPS," reminds me a lot of Lovely Planet, with two scoops of Heavy Bullets thrown in for good measure—and a lot more bullets flying around. The gameplay is fairly straightforward: Battle as far as you can through randomly generated levels, empower your avatar with various good/bad upgrades, die, and do it again. But I really like its bright, untextured visual style (the music is pretty great too), and while it starts off fairly slowly, the action becomes frantic in a real hurry.   

There's a narrative element to it as well that I find interesting. You play as "Faceless the Blessed," an assassin caught up in the brutal Trial of the Gods. There's a sheen of mysticism to it, including a handful of oddball characters to chat with (although some of them aren't terribly social) and profound-sounding messages here and there, that gives the game an illusion of depth—although none of it, at least that I've noticed it so far, has any actual impact on the underlying shoot-and-move play. On the more practical side of the coin, Polygod also supports co-op and versus multiplayer with daily leaderboards. 

"Polygod has been designed for hardcore gamers who love challenging game experiences like Binding of Isaac, Dark Souls and Cuphead," lead designer and programmer Dominic Obojkovits said. "We’ve implemented an unexpectedly deep level of weapon customization and progression within the gameplay and believe gamers will find elements to keep them coming back for just one more run, over and over again." 

Polygod has actually been available on Steam Early Access since October of last year, but developer Krafted Games announced today that it will go into full release early next year, with a $15/£16/€16 price tag—$5 higher than the Early Access price. There's also a new trailer up above, and a website available for your perusal at

Andy Chalk

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