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Watch 30 minutes of The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth's final gruesome expansion

(Image credit: Nicalis)
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Are you ready for one last dive into The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth (opens in new tab)'s filthy basements? The upcoming (and supposedly final) Repentance expansion is adding some fun new surprises, including the horribly wet and gooey sewers of Dross, one of several new areas showcased last night in a developer Twitch stream, which you can watch below.

There's a lot of tiny little new bits of polish, like animated bomb fuses, and some game-changing stuff on the way like True Co-op mode, allowing for two Isaacs to work together, each building up their own set of weird mutations and items.

Much of Repentance's content is coming direct from the excellent Antibirth (opens in new tab), a fan-made expansion mod. For Repentance, Nicalis are working with the Antibirth team (as confirmed by lead developer Edmund McMillen (opens in new tab)) to make the mod official, and add a few new goodies along the way. You can see a full breakdown of everything eagle-eyed fans have spotted so far on this (obviously spoiler-laden) Binding Of Isaac wiki page (opens in new tab).

McMillen also shared the rather imposing box art for the new expansion last night, crediting artist Eric Ridgeway (opens in new tab) for this gruesome depiction of Isaac's mum.

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If you're lucky enough to be at PAX West this weekend, you can try Repentance for yourself. Just look for this menacingly-lit booth (opens in new tab). While there's still no hard release date or price set for Repentance, Nicalis still aiming to to get it done by the end of this year.