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Wasteland 3's debut gameplay trailer showcases new conversations and combat

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The Wasteland 3 Fig campaign is now underway, which makes this a fine time to unveil the first-ever Wasteland 3 trailer. Developer inXile Entertainment said this is "actual gameplay," demonstrating the in-your-face conversations that will take place thanks to the game's new cinematic camera, and the upsides of having a big truck to ride around in. 

"Wasteland 3 will feature an intricate dialog system based on Torment:  Tides of Numenera’s branching system. Players will choose lines of  dialogue that lead them through branching conversations," the Fig pitch explains. "Choosing  certain skills for your character may open up completely new and unique  branches. And last but not least, in key conversations the camera will  pan in to show a closer shot of the person you’re talking to." 

Combat in Wasteland 3 "evolves from" Wasteland 2 with the addition of features including environmental hazards, new "team-focused abilities," and vehicles. "Your Ranger will use your vehicle for travel, storing essential goods,  exploration, and survival," the pitch says. "Gear up your vehicle well enough, and you’ll  be able to use it for movable cover in combat, or—if you’ve installed a  turret—deal with fools crazy enough to tangle with the Desert  Rangers.  

"We want to take our Wasteland franchise to a darker and brutal post-apocalyptic setting that builds on the foundation of Wasteland 2," inXile CEO Brian Fargo said. "A game that is ambitious in reactivity and with new features like multi-player and the integration of vehicles into the world." 

InXile is aiming to raise $2.75 million in the Fig campaign, which runs until November 3. The pitch video, for those who want some extra convincing, is below.

Andy Chalk
Andy Chalk

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