Wasteland 2 trailer shows off first gameplay footage, including tactical battles, giant bugs

Typical. You wait months for even a sliver of Wasteland 2 footage, and then seventeen-odd minutes of it turns up at once. The following [Edit: now reinstated!] video appears in the game's latest Kickstarter update , 'Without Further Ado'; the accompanying text going on to describe it in detail, making sure we're aware that there are a lot of missing or unfinished elements in place. Even so, this early build of Wasteland 2 (minus sound effects) is looking remarkably robust, containing an environment rife with atmosphere, sweary conversation and typically grisly narration - oh and the occasional giant mutated bug.

The action proper kicks off after a few static radio transmissions, so you may want to knock the video along a couple of minutes. You'll be rewarded by a tour of the Agricultural Center by Development Director Chris Keenan, showing off the game's tactical combat and dialogue, and with a demonstration of the lockpicking and brute force skills. Wasteland 2's currently on track for an October release.

Thanks to Blue'sNews .

Tom Sykes

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