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Wasteland 2 gets gargantuan new patch; fixes quests and smites bugs

Wasteland 2 screenshots

inXile has just sent the latest Wasteland 2 patch live, and it's a doozy. According to the studio it's one of the game's biggest yet, with many critical bugs and quest-breaking issues ironed out. Make a cup of tea, because the notes rival a short novel in their length, but here are a couple of the bigger changes.

  • Fixed a bug in identifying the Broken Man during the Hollywood/Griffith questline that could in some cases render the peace outcome unattainable.
  • Updated Prison HQ. A large rolling gate now blocks the Prison HQ to prevent quest sequence breaks. The gate is opened by Danforth at the appropriate time during the story, or when the player fixes the broken robot to destroy the turrets and gate.
  • Huge bug fix pass - nearly our biggest patch ever!?
  • Large English text updates.
  • Localization fixes and updates across all languages.

The full patch notes are over here. Former PC Gamer RPG wiz Cory Banks rated Wasteland 2 highly when it released last year, but noted that the bugs were to the game's detriment. Hopefully this latest patch sorts most, if not all, of them out.

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