Wasteland 2 almost "feature complete," beta delayed to October

InXile lead Brian Fargo talks timing in the latest update for the Kickstarter-funded Wasteland 2 . The upcoming RPG is around "6 weeks" behind schedule, but should enter beta testing in October, according to Fargo.

The development team is planning to have a "feature-complete" build of the game ready sometime in the next month, according to Fargo. "This covers the combat system, character creation, radio support, world map travel, logbook, inventory , loot drop system, save games, AI functionality and much more," Fargo wrote. "In addition all of the game maps are in and we have been in the process of making art and reactivity passes already. The basic building blocks of each level are in and the artists are fully propping them out, and the progress on this front is staggering."

Fargo also mentioned the tension that exists between designing a game and keeping to a schedule. But he reports that since Wasteland 2 is actually "greatly overfunded," a bigger, more "epic" experience can be created. All of the money committed by the game's more than 61,000 backers will go into the game, according to Fargo.

"Thanks to this new crowd sourced model of game production we have the luxury of working on a game that won't be rushed out the door," Fargo wrote. "Under the old process we would often have either retail or a publisher pressuring us to ship a game before we were happy with it. Or the more draconian measure of being sued or having the game handed to another developer to finish, (yes those clauses are fairly common) if we wanted to spend more time polishing our little gem... fortunately we have NONE of this."

For more on Wasteland 2, check out the first gameplay trailer released earlier this year.