Wasteland 1 to get Steam and GOG releases

Wasteland 2 isn't due until late this year, but InXile and EA have a little something to keep us entertained in the meantime. It's a re-release of the original Wasteland - and it will run on modern PCs. The game's already been promised as a free token to backers of Wasteland 2, but as the latest Kickstarter update reveals, the rest of us will soon be able to pick it up in exchange for some of our pre-post-apocalyptic currency, at some point before 2's release. The team also showed off a bunch of new screenshots, which I've scavenged and presented below.

"As you may know," Wasteland 2's Project Lead Chris Keenan says in the update, "we had a deal in place with EA to give all our Wasteland 2 backers (including late backers) a copy of Wasteland 1, which was to be integrated and launched from the game's menu [...] We recently went to talk with EA to try and get it out in a different, separate format, and they accommodated our idea. We've now inked a new deal where we'll be able to release Wasteland 1 separately. After getting the game in our hands and ensuring it runs on modern machines, we plan to distribute it FOR FREE to all our backers before Wasteland 2's release, as well as sell it on GOG.com and Steam for anyone else interested in trying out this classic RPG."

So that's nice. Something that's also, and always nice: concept art of guys with dreads holding circular saws. F'ristance:

Screenshots are also pretty good, I guess, especially when they feature Thomas the Tank Engine-style monster locomotives.

Cheers, PCGamesN . Wasteland 2's beta is expected this October, with the game itself following sometime before the end of the year.

Tom Sykes

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