Warhorse Studios show the gorgeous tech behind their medieval RPG

During the Game Developers Session conference, which took place in Prague over the weekend, Warhorse Studios gave a presentation showing what was possible with the modified CryEngine 3 that the developer is using to power its upcoming unannounced medieval RPG.

This will be Warhorse's first release, but the team is being lead by Daniel Vavra, the creator of Mafia, along with developers who previously worked on Operation Flashpoint and Arma: Armed Assault.

By golly, it all looks rather picturesque. Flowers swaying in the breeze, individually grained planks of old wood, muddy puddles reflecting light and trees. On their Twitter account , the team stress that this was a demo of how they can achieve "next-gen" graphics, but that it was created specifically for GDS, and isn't taken from their game.

Very little is known about the project, except that it's being targeted for a rather vague 2014/15 release.

Thanks, Eurogamer .

Phil Savage

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