Warhammer Vermintide trailer shines a light on the Bright Wizard

Warhammer: End Times—Vermintide

"Bright Wizard" sounds like the kind of hero who saves the day at the end of a fairy tale. "A split-second before the axe fell, the Bright Wizard leapt out of the shadows and cried, "Stop, fiend! Your reign of terror is over!" But it turns out the Bright Wizard in Warhammer: End Times—Vermintide didn't get that name because she's a shining beacon of goodness. Nope. She just likes setting stuff on fire.

Specifically, she likes toasting rat-folk by the dozen. The Bright Wizard might take a less hands-on approach than the Dwarf Ranger, as showcased in this video, but she's an effective exterminator nonetheless—and not above slicing and dicing when the moment calls for it.

Warhammer: End Times—Vermintide comes out on October 23, which, yes, is just three days from today. In case you'd forgotten, it might be pretty good.

Andy Chalk

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