Warhammer: Vermintide's Dwarf Ranger lives up to all the stereotypes

Dwarf Ranger

Bardin *re-checks spelling* Goreksson is Warhammer: Vermintide's dwarf character, which means he has a big beard, loves a drink, and almost exclusively wields Dwarven weapons like axes, hammers and I guess crossbows. Here's Fatshark relaying *re-rechecks spelling* Bardin Goreksson's rich backstory, and also which armaments he prefers to use. I like the sound of the Grudge-Raker gun, which "erupts a hail of shot, capable of blasting numerous enemies at close range".

Fatshark's multiplayer FPS is out well soon (like, October 23 soon), and we have one more character video to go before then. Until the wizard is detailed next week, here's a trailer showing the game's shouty, beardy dwarf in action. (Ta, PCGamesN.)

Tom Sykes

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