Wargroove: Double Trouble is a free expansion coming in February

Cute turn-based tactics romp Wargroove is due a rather chunky expansion next month, letting players embark on a new co-op story campaign—also playable solo—and several other new additions, all for free. Give the launch trailer a watch above.

Double Trouble introduces a new playable faction, the criminal Outlaws, and a trio of new commanders. It's actually four characters, but Orla and Errol are twins who always fight alongside each other as a single commander unit. 

All the teal-haired crooks seem to be Scottish in Wargroove's universe, which is still a huge step up from only letting us be dwarves or the occasional Doctor Who. We've got range, you know. 

Alongside the commanders, you'll be able to field two new units, thieves and riflemen, and try out new arcade missions, competitive quickplay maps, public and private multiplayer lobbies and a new volcano theme. The new theme, along with other new bits and bobs, will also be available in the editor.

Last year, Malindy Hetfeld gave the base game a 78 in her Wargroove review. "Brimming character and imagination, Wargroove occasionally loses its groove over long-winded core gameplay," she wrote. I got myself the Switch version, and it really benefits from being playable on the couch or while I'm having a lazy morning in bed.

Wargroove: Double Trouble will be available on Steam on February 6. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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